Monday, March 12, 2018

Farce. Betsy Devos to lead commission on keeping schools safe from guns

In one of the most ridiculous moves by conservative President Trump, he is tasking Education Secretary Betsy Devos to lead a commission on protecting students from gun violence. USA Today. Really? That's like asking Dr. Nick from The Simpsons to operated on you. Just recently, she has had some disastrous interviews. One of them was with 60 Minutes. Here's a partial exchange with reporter Lesley Stahl on school choice and public schools in Michigan, her home state.

Stahl: “Have you seen the really bad schools? (Refering to public schools) Maybe try to figure out what they’re doing?” Stahl asked.

Devos: “I have not,” DeVos confessed. “I have not. I have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.”

Huffington Post

Back to guns and schools. From what we know she touts Trump's wild west fantasy. Arm teachers. At her confirmation hearing, she cited the need of school personal to have guns because some schools might be threatened by grizzly bears. It's so crazy that last year Stephen Colbert ran a skit imagining a bear as a student in school We've got to laugh or else it's just tears. Check out the hilarious skit below. Oh and just remember, Devos needed Vice President Pence to break a tie to confirm her. You guessed it. Conservative Republicans supported her.

Vote liberal Democrat if you want to live.

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