Friday, September 1, 2017

Ivanka Trump is a fake feminist

Yesterday, White House Adviser, "Princess" Ivanka Trump, supported the scuttling of an Obama equal pay initiative that would give the nation an idea of how bad pay discrimination is for women and people of color. (Huffington Post) Without such data of pay disparity, it will be easy for white men like her father, President Trump to argue that there is no discrimination in the workplace. Women of America, do not let Princess Ivanka fool you. She's a fake feminist. And remember. Vote liberal Democrat, if you want to live.

Princess Ivanka's maternity leave initiative only benefits married women and the child care deduction is worthless to the poor. Here's Michelle Wolf of The Daily Show to skewer Princess Ivanka.

John Oliver's look at Princess Ivanka and her husband, "savior of the world", Jared Kushner. Warning: It's a little salty. Plus, Kushner's real voice is as funny as the one in the piece. The real Kushner sounds like he just passed puberty.

And here's Saturday Night Live's fake ad for a Princess Ivanka perfume aptly called "Complicit."

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