Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The New American Fascist, Donald Trump, Wins

First let me just say that I was one of the first to call Donald Trump, a fascist. (April 26, 2011 post) That was long before fellow Republicans called him one. So today, I'm happy he won the New Hampshire Republican primary for President.

Happy you say? Absolutely. I don't believe a racist and fascist can win the White House. That means that even a socialist like Senator Bernie Sanders could be our next President. Second, this just shows you who populates the modern Republican party. Angry, white men who agree with Trump's racist ideas. And don't get me wrong. The Republican Party has some good people in it but those angry white guys from the Tea Party wing are now dictating policy. Third, I will have some great comedy to post in the upcoming months.

For example, comedian Lewis Black raised the possibility of a Trump candidacy in 2011 on The Daily Show. Here's his riotous video piece. Enjoy.

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