Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The problem with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton started as the shoo-in Democratic presidential nominee. That idea has taken a hit after last night's New Hampshire primary. Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont destroyed her by winning 60-38 percent. She lost among every major demographic of the Democratic Party. (Fox News report. Hey, I'm fair and balanced.) Particularly troubling is her gap with young people.

So, what's wrong with Hillary? Here it is from this liberal. We don't trust her. She seems to want to be President because of raw ambition. Unlike, Bernie Sanders who is idealistic. I don't believe she will be a liberal in the White House. She can scream that she is one but she comes from the Clinton wing of the party. And that is Democratic Leadership Council, whose purpose was to move the party to the center so it could win elections. Nothing wrong with being a moderate but the Democratic Party has a long history of being idealistic. For example, she can't talk about Wall Street reform when her husband as President repealed sections of Glass-Steagall and allowed banks and investment banks to merge. That helped to lead to great economic crisis of 2008. ( The film, Inside Job. 2010) Yet, I strain to hear her talk about any legislation to rein in Wall Street. Worse, she has earned a king's ransom in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs amounting $675,000.00. And I'll bet she didn't tell them to "knock it off." Because that's not a message that the bankers pay to hear. (See Politico article.)

Hillary's problem can be summed up in this skit from Saturday Night Live, "A Hillary Christmas." She comes off as all ambition.

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