Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Republicans Love Donald Trump

With a Public Policy Polling survey showing Donald Trump leading the Republican race for president, the question has become why. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show seems to think it's because of all that publicity he gets for saying crazy stuff. (Video below.) And while I agree with Jon that early polls are inaccurate as far as who gets the nomination, they do mean that Trump is a serious candidate.

Here are the reasons why Republicans love the Donald. He's an American Caesar. He's what I call a New Fascist. He believes the United States should take Iraqi oil. He's a birther. He hates President Obama so much that he's making stuff up about him. Now he says that Obama didn't deserve to go to Harvard because he wasn't qualified. Obama was magna cum laude at Harvard. He was editor of the law review. Memo to the Donald. Editor of the law review usually goes to the brightest of the law class. All of these insane ideas make him the leader of the Republican Party because a majority of the party believes in them.

By the way, the birther and unqualified for Harvard have racist overtones to them. It's been clear that Obama was born in Hawaii. But Republicans keep the birther issue alive because he's black and has an exotic name. You think they would make this much fuss over a white guy named John Smith? The unqualified for Harvard is all about the racist view that African Americans are not as intelligent as whites. It also connects to Republican views on affirmative action. Even though there's no proof at Harvard, that Obama was given preferential treatment. And if you think this is just the liberal rantings of a blogger, just recently a Republican sent an email with President Obama's head on the body of a chimp. Of course, there was South Carolina Repbulican Rusty DePass saying that an escaped gorilla was an ancestor of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Jon Stewart, you're great but you've got it wrong this time. Jon, there are times, in your effort to be fair, you miss the obvious. Conservative Republicans aren't excited about Donald Trump because of all that publicity. It's because conservative Republicans believe the crazy stuff Trump believes in.

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