Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Those Crazy Birthers, Part Ten

Last night on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, Donald Trump said President Barack Obama's birth certificate is "missing." (Video below) Sigh. He offered no proof, only what someone told him. Who? Orly Taitz?

Okay, here it is again for you conservative Republicans. Here's the FactCheck.org story. Here's the AP and Huffington Post stories with quotes from the AP. I'll just summarize it for you idiotic conservative Republicans. In Hawaii, you cannot get the "long" form birth certificate. If you request your birth certificate, the state gives you the "short" form. Second, according to the AP, state health records indicated that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Third, in the FactCheck.org story above, you'll see newspaper reports from 1961 that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

Keep it up, you crazy conservative Republicans. Maybe this country will see how idiotic you guys really are.

Anderson Cooper with Donald Trump, birth certificate is missing.

Okay, since the birther nonsense is old, let's have some fun with an older but funny piece by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

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