Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Star Trek 3 (2016) news from screenwriter J.D. Payne lecture

I watched the new Star Trek 3 (2016) writer J.D. Payne on YouTube last Sunday. He was lecturing at the LDS Film Festival. Here's what I learned and there is news from the lecture.

1. He's a Trekker. Yeah, he dropped the name of of one of the best TNG episodes, "The Best of Both Worlds." But he showed some real enthusiasm for Star Trek. He also talked about Trek fans with bat'leths. In case, you non-Trekkers don't know, it's a Klingon bladed weapon.

2. There was competitive process to find the writers to help Star Trek writer and producer Bob Orci.

3. He recognizes that at time Star Trek raises ethical questions.

4. He likes and knows jazz. Talked about John Coltrane. Okay, now Mr. Payne you're getting on my good side.

5. His Mormon faith may interfere with his writing. He talks about how he had a hard time writing a sexual assault scene because of his faith. So don't expect him to write the film adaptation of The Book of Mormon.

6. He seems to be a devout Mormon. He talks about dealing with gay people in Hollywood. Don't worry, he doesn't say anything bad about gays.

7. Here's the news. Paramount liked the writing team's pitch. First draft of Star Trek 3 comes in May. So that you know where in the tape that comes from. It's at the one hour twenty five minute mark. I'm giving you the time because the tape lecture was removed. However, Trekcore has the first few minutes of it. Video below.

UPDATE: TrekCore has the final few minutes of the lecture with the news that the first draft of Star Trek 3 comes out in May. Check out the video below courtesy of TrekCore.

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