Sunday, March 16, 2014

Paramount treats Trekkers badly

Trekkers unite. You're being treated badly by Paramount. First, they made Star Trek Into Darkness DVD extras retail and internet exclusive, i.e. different stores had different extra features. If you wanted deleted scenes you have to buy the movie through XBOX SmartGlass. This milking of every last cent from the fans stinks. I bought one edition of Star Trek Into Darkness and thanks to, they told me which one had the extras on a Blu-Ray disk. I am not going to buy every version of STID to collect all of the extras. I'm guessing that many Trekkers feel the way I do.

Second, Paramount is dumping two newbie writers, J.D. Payne and Patick McKay, on the next Star Trek film. You got that. It's going to be fiftieth anniversary and Paramount is giving partial control of the Enterprise to two unheard of writers. Now let me clarify that Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness writer Bob Orci will also be involved in the next film.

But let's compare our franchise with what's happening with Star Wars VII. They at one time had Oscar winning writer, Michael Arndt. They've replaced him with Lawrence Kasdan. (Raiders of the Lost Ark) Star Wars also has taken our talented director J.J. Abrams. We, Trekkers get two guys that I can't find one produced screenplay. Movie? No. TV? No. Now how important is the screenplay? If the screenplay is bad, the movie will likely be bad. I'll accept the fact that there's no script hence no director. But I suggest that Paramount not go cheap here. To keep their credibility, Paramount should be bold with the director. Name talent for director.

"Come, come, Mr. Scott. Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant." Captain Kirk in Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock.

Okay. I'll try to be open minded. But this is the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek. To allay our fears, I suggest Paramount march out the writers to demonstrate their Star Trek credentials. Let these guys talk Star Trek for about two hours.

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