Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V: " Repossession" Gold Medal tips

Here are tips for getting the Gold Medal for Franklin's "Repossession" mission. I got it with a couple of attempts. Now remember you can get all the requirements in multiple attempts by replaying a mission. IF you're great, you might get it in one try, like the guys that do Grand Theft Series videos.

The hardest part of this mission is the getting under the time limit. It's under six minutes and thirty seconds. First, you have to skip the cutscenes. Now once you get to the alleyway where the bike you have to repossess, go to the single garage on the right. That starts the fire fight with the gang.

Now I replayed this mission with better weapons and laid waste to the gang members. The guy below is unbelievably good. It took me a couple of attempts to get all the requirements especially the time limit requirement.

Once you destroy the car driving away and kill all the gang members, Lamar will ask you how you are doing. That's the cue for you to look for the appearance of a gang member getting on the bike outside of the fence. Shoot him. Hopefully, you have an automatic weapon if you've already got the accuracy requirement. Aim to the right of the bike and at him. If you're good try to make it a head shot. If you miss and have to chase him you will run out of time for the Gold Medal requirement. If you're good or lucky, you will nail him. Once you kill him, hop on the bike and easily take it back. Skip the cutscenes at the end.

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