Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V: "Legal Trouble" Gold Medal Tips

In Grand Theft Auto V, there are two tough requirements for the Gold Medal for the mission "Legal Trouble." They are the time limit of five minutes, thirty seconds and losing the wanted level in two minutes. There's also a tricky requirement of having the Weazel helicopter film the chase for fifteen seconds.

First, let's discuss completing the mission under five minute thirty seconds. The guys at Grand Theft Auto Series Videos show you how. When you reach the Maze Arena, take the road in front of it. Don't follow the yellow recommended route to the left. Now, watch the video below at the three minute forty second mark. You need to cut across the highway by the arena and go through the gap before the railing. That's a short cut that will save you time. Then when you get on the jet, don't worry about taxing on the runway. Just start her up and take off. Second, I fly west and high to elude the police. All of this should get you under the time limit and also cause you to elude the police by two minutes.

One more thing. I had trouble accessing the Weazel News helicopter camera. That's because I was driving in the first person view. You need to drive in the third person view to access the camera. Easy.

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