Saturday, November 2, 2013

Grand Theft Aiuto V Golf tips

Having trouble getting the 100 percent requirement in Grand Theft Auto V's with the Golf game? As you know you must score par or under to get it. Here are some tips on how I got it.

Some basics.

I'm not going to go into detail about the game of golf. But here are the basic rules. The less strokes it takes to get the ball in the hole, the better your score. The 100 percent requirement requires you to get par or the exact number of shots in the game or lower. I've noticed that some of you on the Internet are having difficulties. I had trouble for a few hours until I figured out how to play the game.

Before you start swinging your golf club, scout the circumstances of the hole. On the XBOX, the left trigger previews the hole. The right trigger previews the shot. Note if you preview the shot, it tells you the trajectory and where the ball is going to land. The right trigger and right stick can also direct where the ball will land pursuant to your wishes. On the right upper corner is information about the club you are using, wind direction, and spin on the ball. There are four types of shots. Approach, normal, power and punch. Approach shots are accurate but have less power. I didn't use power much. Normal shots are just that. Punch shots put less trajectory on a shot.

Swinging is important. I'm talking about swinging your golf club so get your minds out of the gutter. On the XBOX, you start your swing by pulling back on the left stick. The power meter on the right shows a cross heading toward a yellow area. Push or shove forward on the same stick to hit the ball. Now this is most important. PUSH STRAIGHT. If you push off to the left or right, you will shank the shot. So think hit the ball straight through. You want the cross to hit the yellow area when you swing.

Now I've added a video below from Witness Gaming. It's a good video that will help you see what I'm talking about. The narrator tells you that putting spin on is an advanced technique. But I'm going to tell you that putting spin on the ball will help you immensely. If you see the ball is going to overshoot the hole then you might want to add backspin to cause the ball to roll backwards. When the ball is in the air, hold left stick back, tap the A button to cause the ball to roll back when it hits the green. If you need the ball to roll right push the stick right and tap A. And for the left, vice versa.

Basic strategy.

Like real golf, you need to get to the green with as little shots as possible. Where you are going to have trouble with GTA V Golf is the putting. For the right club, I use the recommendations from the program for shots. They are good. Remember what I said about hitting the ball.

Second, I basically use the program's recommendations for the first two shots of any hole. Now if I think the wind is going to be significant, I will compensate very slightly. That's about four to five miles an hour. IF the wind is blowing hard from the right, I will use the right trigger and stick to move the direction slightly right into the wind. But the program will do a very good job of direction for the first two shots.

The shot that you take to get the ball on the green is where you want to adjust slightly from the program's recommendations. You may need to adjust where the ball will land. Get as close to the hole as possible or even see if you can sink it. I never did but frankly, all I was concerned about was getting the requirement. Remember what I said about spin. If you land in the rough just outside of the green, I use a punch shot since it has a lower trajectory.

Putting is where you will lose on strokes. The reason is that GTA does a bad job of giving you touch to hit the ball with your putter. Once you are on the green, note the grid placed. Yellow areas are areas higher than the ball. Red areas are lower than the ball. The same philosophy for hitting the ball applies as above without the wind considerations. But if you need to adjust the direction of the ball, use the right stick ever so slightly to adjust the direction. With the loss of strokes on the green, this is why you need to get the ball to the hole with as few strokes as possible and as close as possible.

After a few hours, I finally got par or less. I got a couple of birdies. My score was two under par. If I can do it you can do it. And golf is a relaxing game. Hilarious too with Trevor. I played with Trevor in his underwear.

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