Thursday, October 3, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V: "Mr. Richards" Gold Medal tips

I'm going to go over how to get the Grand Theft Auto V Gold Medal for the mission "Mr. Richards" in two attempts in this post. The video from Grand Theft Auto Series Videos shows how to do it in one attempt. But there's a chance you may not get the requirement for the medal with the Mission Time of under ten minutes. Please save your game after your first attempt. Go to the Replay Option in the Pause Menu. Pick the "Mr. Richards" mission that you've just completed.

First I equip my pistol with a suppressor. Now on the first attempt, I got the "Stealth Assassin" the first time. You need to nail guys with their backs to you for a stealth attack. It's pretty easy but time consuming. Unless you'e as good as the guy in the video below, all the sneaking around will take you out of the time limit for the medal. So waste the contractors you nailed with stealth attacks in the first attempt with your pistol this time. But you don't need three. Assuming you got "Stealth Assassin' the first time, you only need to shoot two.

I then clime the ladder. I shoot the first contractor. Run across to the next ladder. Once the door opens, I shoot that contractor. Then I climb the ducts to the roof where the stairs leads to the helipad. Now, instead of taking out the contractor that comes out of the door with a stealth attack I ignore him and run up the stairs. That starts the cutscene where you confront Rocco. Pummel him quickly and jump in the chopper.

Now unlike the guy below who's really, really good, I don't fly under bridges. I just fly fast and dive hard. Get close to buildings. Finally, the actor agrees to be in the movie and you fly them back to the lot. Once you land, run back to Mr. Richards.

Okay, you say you got the Mission Time requirement but it shows you don't have "Stealth Assassin." No problem. Go back to your Safe House. Save the game. Now check out the Repay Option and look at the mission. It shows you've completed the mission and all the Gold Medal requirements.

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