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Grand Theft Auto V: "Minor Turbulence" Gold medal tips

Getting the Gold medal for the Grand Theft Auto V mission "Minot Turbulence" is not that hard. What's hard is getting to that point where you have to complete the requirements. This post will cover the mission and if you fly the plane correctly, you should be able to get the Gold Medal on the first try.

First, prepare for this mission. I suggest you buy or find some armor for Trevor who's going to do the mission. Then make sure his pistol has enough ammo. Yes, we're going to use the pistol to take out enemies. I'll tell you why later in this post.

Okay. Let's get to the section of the mission where you have to fly a biplane crop duster and follow a huge cargo jet. This is the hardest thing about the mission. Why? Because flying planes in Grand Theft Auto games suck. They've always been hard to control. I don't know what rocket scientist at Rockstar thought let's put planes back in after San Andreas. And don't get me started on trying to land a plane in any Grand Theft Auto game.

Now you have to fly low so the radar from the military base doesn't detect you. If you fly too high for too long, the base scrambles jets and that's the end of your mission because they light you up with air to air missiles. Anyway follow the jet and stay low. Watch out for trees. Running into a tall tree is like hitting a mountain with a plane. Eventually your partner Ron tells you can climb and meet the jet.

The point is that you're going to fly you plane into back of the cargo jet. Sounds ridiculous and unrealistic? Yes it is. Once you get close, the jet lowers its rear door and a soldier starts firing a machine gun at you. But it gets worse. As much as this is a totally unrealistic way to get on board the jet, they add a dose of realism to make life hell for you. The jet's engines cause turbulence when you approach, causing you to frequently lose control as you try to crash your plane into the rear door of the jet.

Here's some tips. As you approach the open door on the back of the jet, stay low. Try to line your plane up. Aim low. Try to fly your plane into the opened door which is lower part of the black opening. Look at the video below from Grand Theft Auto Series Videos at about the nine minute thirty mark. Also as you're approaching the jet, don't jerk or move the joystick in large movements. Small, gentle movements.

If correctly done, a cutscene takes over. The plane crashes into the cargo hold. And you're in cover. There are two requirements for the Gold Medal. Let's go over each one.

1. Accuracy. You must finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80 percent. There are armed guards on this plane. This is why I use the pistol. It takes about three shots to shots to kill a guard. If you use five bullets to kill an enemy your accuracy suffers since you're shooting at a dead body. Using an assault rifle is nice but you can fire too many bullets. The pistol is not automatic so you make your shots count. Use auto aim. And stay in cover. Pop out and put rounds into live enemies.

When the above cutscene ends, you're in cover behind a crate. There's one guard in front of you, one in front of a jeep and another with a shotgun moving on your position. Okay, use auto aim and put a round in each. One bullet knocks them down but doesn't kill them. Keep shooting a round into them until these three guys are dead. Use your HUD to tell you if they're dead. Watch out for the shotgun guard. He'll kill you quickly if you let him get too close.

Stay in cover. The jeep to your right, rolls off the plane leaving a kill zone. Now wait for the other guards to charge. I knock them down with one shot. Then let them get up. I shoot them again until they're dead. Eventually you've taken out all of the guards in the cargo hold.

Now advance. Watch out for rolling jeeps. The sequence is the jeep to your left rolls off. Then the jeep to the right, leaving a jeep behind it. You're going to use that jeep to get the next requirement.

Now climb to the cockpit. There's the pilot with a gun. Don't hesitate. Shoot him. It knocks him down. As he gets up, fire another shot. Keep putting one bullet into him until he's dead.

2. Four Wheel Flier. Okay, you've killed the pilot and take over the plane. However as you make your way across Los Santos, you're attacked by jets. Nothing to do here but bail out. After getting hit with air to air missiles, your now in the cargo hold with a parachute.

Get into the jeep or SUV or Mesa. Drive it off the plane. Then jump out of the SUV. Sometime later deploy parachute. Land safely. Gold Medal earned.

Yeah, this guy is really good. Really good.

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