Thursday, October 3, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V: "Deep Inside" Gold Medal tips

This post will cover the hardest requirement for Grand Theft Auto V: "Deep Inside" mission's Gold Medal. It's the "Not a Scratch" requirement and its quirky as hell. The video below from Grand Theft Auto Video Series shows how the player did it on one attempt. He's really, really good. He's also uses Franklin's Special Skill of driving. But it might require two attempts for you and that's okay. Just remember after your first attempt to save your game. Okay, let's start the mission again.

What makes "Not a Scratch" so hard is the actress in the JB 700 car. (Oh, I get the joke. JB 700. James Bond. 007) Anyway, she grabs the wheel and causes you to lose control and possibly damaging the car and losing the requirement. You can't eject her right away either. You must wait for the prompt. Now there is a requirement "Premature Ejector" where you use the ejector within ten seconds. But if you were like me, you had too much damage with the car to get the "Not a Scratch" requirement.

What's so quirky about the "Not a Scratch" requirement is that you might have virtually no damage to the care and fail to get it. Then you get some damage to the car and get it. So, your best bet is to try to get no damage to the car or at as minimal damage as possible.

So on this second attempt we need to find a way to coax the actress of the car before Franklin gets in it. Here's how. When the first guard tells you that you're wanted on the set, arm an assault rifle. This causes the guards to attack. Okay, waste the first guard. Run to the right of the car. Waste he guard here. You are using auto aim aren't you? Shoot hard and fast. There should be one or two more that will attack you. Quickly dispatch them. Now try to get in the car from the passenger's side. The actress should leave or has already left the car and out of your hair. Drive the car and turn left. Run over the male actor if you didn't get the "Second Strike" requirement.

You're not safe yet. The studio sends cars after you but now you are unhindered. Use the spikes when prompted and the enemy is behind you. Piece of cake. You call Molly. Now if you don't have the "Fastest Speed" requirement, look for a long stretch of road with the map and head for it. Floor the car. Use Franklin's Special Skill liberally. This mission does not have ta time limit requirement. After you're done go back to the secret garage.

Okay, now you should have the "Not a Scratch" requirement if you have not damaged the car. Go back to your Safe House. Save your game. Now look at the data for "Deep Inside" from the Replay Menu. You've got all the requirements for a Gold Medal.

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