Sunday, August 19, 2012

The new Mass Effect 3 endings review

By now, you've heard or downloaded BioWare's response to gamers complaints about the Mass Effect 3 endings. I've been playing a ton of multi-player and have finally gotten around to playing the new endings. Warning. Spoilers ahead.

The extended endings now feature four endings. I've previously gone over the three endings. But with the new endings, we're going to go over them.

1. The Rejection Ending. BioWare allows you to reject all the choices at the end. But that comes with consequences. You see, the battle against the reapers is lost. And the galaxy's advanced races are harvested. However, remember that Liara has created a computer record for future races. You see the program at the end. And if you watch the new stargazer scene, you realize in the distant future, other races have found it and used it successfully to defeat the Reapers. Both the ending and the new stargazer scene are included in the video below.

2. The new Renegade Ending or Destroy Reapers Ending. The new ending is more triumphant but remember, it's likely the cycle will begin again. And you can forget about EDI, you've destroyed all synthetic life. Her name is one of the dead on the Normandy's memorial. Note that the ending is narrated by Admiral Hackett.

3. The new Paragon Ending or Control Reapers Ending. There are some who consider this the Paragon ending. I don't. But in this ending, you control the reapers and get them to back down. However, the new ending indicates your Shepard is some type of god. You don't have a body. But you oversee the future like the Star Child from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And note that you narrate the new ending. EDI also survives.

4. The new Synthesis Ending. I've always considered this the true Paragon ending. After all by creating combining synthetic life and organic life, you gain true peace. And you know for sure that EDI will live. EDI narrates.

The review.

Let me first say I'm glad that BioWare did not drastically change the endings because some loud fans complained. They were wrong about the original endings not having significant differences. I mean if you choose the synthesis ending, you're creating new life forms of combined organic and synthetic life. If you destroy the Reapers, you also kill the Geth and EDI.

But I want to say about the new endings, that's more like it. I've complained that the old endings were lacking in exposition. For example, we didn't know how the crew got on board the Normandy and why Joker was trying to pilot the ship away from the energy pulse. How your crew gets aboard the Normandy is shown before you transport to the Citadel. There's even a shot of you flying through a port in the Citadel. And the Normandy is not stranded on the two moon planet. That's cleared up by a shot where the Normandy is taking off from the planet.

When you confront the Catalyst, you will get more dialogue. You get more information about the Catalyst, the Reapers and the beings that created them. Good stuff.

As for the specific endings, you get more fulfilling conclusions. You get real explanations as to the future after you choose an ending. Even though I liked the original endings with reservations, I'll say these new endings are an improvement. Great job BioWare.

But did we get any new information? Yes. On the Paragon ending, we learn that Shepard is alive but is kind of a incorporeal spirit. On the Renegade ending, there's a comment that the Mass Relays were damaged. I thought they were destroyed in the original endings. So, now I'm guessing there could be a sequel. But probably not with Shepard since there is only one ending where Shepard is alive, i.e. with a human body.

I recommend that you get the new endings, especially if you hated the old endings. They don't cost you anything. If you liked the old endings, you'll get more depth to the story. You will find it very satisfying.

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