Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ted review

If you have ever watched Seth MacFarlane's TV creation, Family Guy, you'll get the gist of his new movie, Ted. You see in Family Guy, there's a smart ass baby by the name of Stewie who speaks at the tender age of one. Ted's premise is about a boy's teddy bear who comes to life and grows into adulthood. The bear is not sweet and utters wise cracks. No coincidence, both are voiced Seth MacFarlane.

Ted opens up with hilarious narration by Patrick Stewart. We are told about a boy named John Bennett growing up in Boston. He's so lonely that the other boys won't even let him join them in beating up the local Jewish kid. Yep, from that joke, you know you're not going to get politically correct humor. Anyway, his parents give John a teddy bear. One night, John wishes upon a star that his bear would come to life and it does.

John (Mark Wahlberg) grows into an adult. And the bear, called Ted (Seth MacFarlane) grows up with him. The bear becomes a politically incorrect, wise cracking, pot smoking, furry buddy of John. Problems arise when Ted's antics interfere with John's relation with his girlfriend Lori Collins. (Mila Kunis)

The jokes in Ted come at you fast and furious. There are religion, pop culture , geek, sex, poop jokes and of course there are fart jokes or as they say in Boston, "fahh...t" jokes. Almost all of them hit. There are some funny cameos too. Expect to see Ryan Reynolds, Norah Jones and special guest star, Sam Jones aka Flash Gordon.

There are three big comic set pieces. One is the result of a truth or dare with hookers and poop. Don't worry you don't see anyone poop on screen. Another is a wild party with Sam Jones. And then there is your classic buddy fight. In this case, it's an indescribable fight between John and Ted. So ridiculous that it had me laughing loudly.

Ted may not be original within the context of Family Guy. But it is original in a summer full of sequels. Who knew that you could mix sweet jazz, Flash Gordon, Patrick Stewart, and subversive humor to make a great comedy? So far, it's the funniest movie of the year. The grade is A +.

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