Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mass Effect 3--Grissom Academy: Investigation; tips for Insanity

One of the toughest missions in Mass Effect 3 on any difficulty level is the side mission, Grissom Academy: Investigation. This post will cover how to get through the toughest parts on the Insanity difficulty setting. Remember this is a side mission and it will go away if you don't play it soon after it comes available. Besides, you want to save Jack don't you? Before you deploy, go over my general tips.

1. Your class and weapons. Engineer. You can sabotage turrets and turn them against Cerberus. You have combat drones and the sentry turret. For weapons, I bring the M-99 Saber and M-97 Viper sniper rifle. That combination allows for me to use powers quickly.

3. Your squad. Garrus and James. Why? You can arm each with the M-37 Falcon assault rifle which is s grenade launcher. It packs a wallop against the enemy. Liara is another choice since her Singularity and other biotic powers are good against Guardians. But remember you won't face Guardians in frequency.

4. Hardest parts of the mission.

a. Orion Hall. After a cutscene, you're confronted with an Atlas. Get to cover immediately. Launch a combat drone at it. Now, the hall has one set of stairs to the left and to the right. The Atlas is near the left stairs. Take your Saber and feed the Atlas lead.

Okay, the Atlas may be on top of you. You can sabotage it. But you will have to deal with it sooner or later. I run to cover on the left (concrete bed?) before the stairs. The drone and your squad should be keeping it busy. Your saber will eventually bring it down.

Now you need to go over to the right. There are Cerberus infantry over here attacking the students. Stay in cover under the benches. Use the combat drone, Garrus and James' powers. Let them have it with your Saber. Area is cleared.

b. The Atrium. Perhaps one of the toughest sections in the game outside of London. As you enter the area, Cerberus troops rush you. Launch a combat drone at them. In the distance, an Atlas will unleash missiles at you. You can't get to the Atlas yet; it's over in the second section of the area. First, run up the ramp and seek the high ground. At the top, there are two flower beds, next to a wall which provides cover. There's a stairway with a regenerating ammo clip next to it. Deploy sentry turret. Position squad members up here. Stay at the top for the most part of this section. Note up here, the Atlas can't get to you.

Stay in cover. And unleash your Saber from the high ground on the Cerberus troops. Watch out for grenades. On Insanity, they are instant kills at close range. After about about 15 seconds, two Guardians magically appear at the top of the stairway. Launch a combat drone at them. Run down the ramp and seek cover at the first flower bed. You still have the high ground. Now deal with these pesky guys and kill them. Okay after they're down, head back to the top of the ramp.

Continue letting the enemy have a taste of your Saber. If you're low on ammo remember the regenerating ammo clip. Also sabotage any enemy turret. Watch it gun them down. Eventually with the students biotic attacks, your squad's fire and your Saber shots, you defeat all the waves.

Okay, move down the ramp but stay under cover. The Atlas in the other section will fire on you. But now you have an advantage. You can snipe at it from cover and at a distance. Eventually you and your squad take it down. Now move to the tunnel under the ramp.

You come on the door to the second section of the Atrium. Don't go through. Because enemy engineers will deploy turrets that will cut you down. If you want you can send a squad member through and have him take cover by the front pillar. But take out your sniper. Wack the bad guys from the safety of the door. Keep moving away from the door if a grenade comes. Use your combat drones to hunt down bad guys. Eventually you hear one engineer and his turret are left. Listen for the turret. Okay, don't take any chances. Go to the other side, i.e. the first section. Use your HUD to locate the turret. Sabotage it. That will kill the engineer or hurt him badly. If you can launch a drone, then do so. Now if the turret is weakened, carefully enter the second section. Run to the ramps and advance under cover. Destroy any stragglers or what's left of the turret. You're done. On to the final section.

c. The Atlas. You take control of the enemy Atlas and kick ass. Stick to using the gun over the homing missiles. You can keep moving while using the gun. Use the missiles when you see a group of infantry close together. That will take out a bunch of them.

The cool tip. Say during your battle with the infantry, the armor gets low on the Atlas. Do this. Hop out. Now hop back in. Your armor has replenished itself. Now take out the other enemy Atlas when it appears. Mission over. Listen to Jack "cuss" out Joker. Well, they bleep it.

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