Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarah Palin Gets It All Wrong In New York

Sarah Palin, presidential tease, was in New York. To all of those who gave her PAC money, you got buyers remorse yet? I mean she's using your money for her family vacation. And as expected she gets it wrong about topics of history and even, real New York pizza.

While visiting the Stature of Liberty, Sarah Palin said this and please forgive me for repeating her English, "It is of course the symbol for Americans to be reminded of other countries, cause, this was given to us, of course by the French, other countries warning us to never make the mistakes that some of them have made." (Hardball with Chris Matthews, video below.) What the? First she sounds like Miss Teen South Carolina. Second, that stuff about warning us not to make the mistakes they have made is absolutely nonsense. No, Sarah you get a F for history. The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom, specifically it is the depiction of the Roman goddess for freedom, Libertas.

She also had lunch with another presidential tease, super rich guy Donald Trump. He takes her to Famous Famiglia which is an Albanian pizza chain with restaurants all over the nation. She later says they had real New York pizza. This of course caused groans by New Yorkers. Wrong again Sarah. It caused Jon Stewart of the Daily Show to go all out Italian. Check out his funny piece below.

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