Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Cincinnati Reds Season Is Going Down The Drain

Last night the Cincinnati Reds lost to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, yes you right-wing freaks, I still call them "Devil" Rays. But I digress. The Reds lost a hard fought game when Reds reliever Logan Ondrusek gave up a ninth inning home run to Eve Longoria, er Evan Longoria. The 4-3 loss dropped the Reds to fourth place behind the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The loss ends the first half of the season at 81 games. So it's time to look ahead and see if the Reds have a chance. The starting pitching is coming around but today's starter Edinson Volquez is a disaster. Can't throw strikes and he's immature. Folks, that guy was the Reds starting day pitcher. The bullpen is good but the whole staff needs consistency. That by the way is the term for success for the Reds.

Defense. It's pretty good. The outfield is good with Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce, and Chris Heisey. Infield solid except for one critical position. Shortstop. They're not terrible but they must be better. Shortstops Edgar Renteria and Paul Janish can't hit. So they better be great at defense. No such luck.

Offense. The Reds are a streaky team. There will be days when they can't buy a clutch hit. There are other days where the Reds will clobber the ball. The team must hit with runners in scoring position like last year.

The big problem with the Reds is consistency. When they get good pitching, they can't hit. When they hit, they don't get pitching. Hence, the Reds record of 41-40 and one half game behind the Pirates. If the Reds want to make the playoffs, they have to play up to their talents and consistently. Because it doesn't look like the Reds will make any trades to improve their shortstop position or get a number one starter.

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