Friday, June 17, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals, The Worst Professional Sports Team

ESPN: The Magazine has rated 122 professional sports teams in the four major American sports. NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL were among the participants. The categories used were bang for the buck, players, fan relations, affordability, stadium experience, ownership, title track, and coaching. The top team was the Green Bay Packers. The worst? The Cincinnati Bengals. The Cincinnati Reds ranked 15th.

The dead last ranking for the Bengals comes as no surprise to Bengals fans. During owner-GM Mike Brown's tenure, the Bengals have only had two winning seasons out of twenty. He refuses to hire a GM and his team has one of the lowest number of scouts. His arrogance that he knows what's best for his team has doomed the Bengals to be consistent losers. That's why last year, after selling out fifty seven straight games, the Bengals failed to sell out their game with the Buffalo Bills. The fans have had enough. And yet Mike Brown refuses to do anything. It looks like another long year for Bengals fans.

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