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Mass Effect 2: The Lair of the Shadow Broker Tips for Beating the Bosses

This article will discuss how to kill, defeat and beat the bosses in the downloadble content (DLC) for Mass Effect 2, called "Lair of the Shadow Broker." (LOTSB) I usually play this mission last and by that I mean after I've defeated the Collectors in the Endgame mission. Why? Like the other DLC mission Stolen Memory, you face some stiff opponents and bosses. However, you probably want to finish Stolen Memory before "Endgame" mission because you want to get Kasumi's loyalty. Without further adieu, let's get to the bosses.

1. Vassir. First, let's discuss the preliminary things you should do before facing the first boss, former Spectre, Vassir. Before you face her, you crash on the top of Hotel Azure. There you face a few waves of mercs. And watch out for these guys. They will flank you. This is the first time in the game that you can fight with Liara T'Soni, your ally from the first Mass Effect game.

Ah, remember Liara from the first game? Her standard powers are Asari Scientist, Singularity and Warp. You can add Stasis as a unique ability. Well, once you crash on the hotel, you gain control of the squad. Pause the game. Allocate talent points to Liara's powers. Focus on Stasis and Singularity. Singularity forms a mini-singularity which traps enemies and causes them to float. They are vulnerable to attack. Stasis forms a bubble around an enemy and freezes them. You can't attack the the enemy in the bubble. But once the bubble ends, the enemy falls to the ground, helpless for a short period where he can be attacked.

Okay, you fight off your way to the first suite. Here, you discover some funny things about the nature of the hotel and Asari anatomy. You then find Vasir's burning car. Make your way to the second suite. There's a weapons locker. Save your game because you're about ready to face Vasir.

Step through. Vasir is bleeding blue blood or did the artist spill ink? Vasir takes a hostage. Okay, if you have sufficient Paragon points you can diffuse this without shooting the hostage or losing ammo. Liara will throw a table knocking Vasir into the pool. Vasir then springs up and the battle is joined. How she fights this hard while being injured is beyond me. Vasir has "Flash" like speed. She also has barriers, armor and health. She runs around the roof. This is where Liara comes in. Use Liara's Stasis power to freeze Vasir. She will be frozen and then will fall to the ground. Unload your ammo into her.

Once you take out the barrier and the armor, she calls on help. This includes a troop carrier of two Salarians and rocket drones. Take cover and defeat them. There's plenty of ammo lying around. Vasir will again make an appearance. Same strategy. Assault rifle is a good weapon here. Okay, she goes down again. She calls on her minions again. Defeat them again. Vasir makes her final appearance. This time she only has armor. Same strategy. Use Liara's Stasis power. About three quarters of her armor is depleted, you should break out the heavy weapons. Eventually, you take her down.

2. The Shadow Broker. I'm not going to go through the fight outside of the Shadow Broker's ship because it's straight forward, seek cover and shoot. I will give you two quick tips. Use electric capacitors, i.e. shoot them to shock and damage enemies. Two, the power to have here is Slam. Why? Slam lifts an an enemy high into the air. The strong winds grab him and hurl him away to an instant death. Believe it or not, the power Pull is not as effective. That's because you don't immediately throw your guys into the winds. Same with Throw. But Singularity can push bad guys high enough for the winds. But again, Slam works the best.

Okay, you've fought you way inside. After two hallway firefights, you reach the prison cell for Feron. I usually snipe the first guard. Once, you've defeated the guards, you talk to Feron. After that conversation, you have to fight a biotic and three soldiers. Defeat them and run through the door that was previously locked. Only one more soldier left. Kill him. Collect the credits and ammo. Go through the next door. Save your game because you will face the Shadow Broker in the next room.

Kill the Shadow Broker. A cutscene starts the battle. You find out that the Shadow Broker is a Yahg (pictured), a member of a primitive race. Now if you remember you were allowed to choose another squadmate before you boarded the ship. The Shadow Broker will do some trash talking, calling out your other teammate in a unique piece of dialogue for each one chosen. It's cool since that increases the replayability of the game. Liara surmises that the Yahg was captured and either a trophy or pet before he killed the original Shadow Broker, thus becoming the new Broker. This enrages the Shadow Broker who is gigantic. He destroys his desk and hurtles pieces at the team. Your chosen squadmate gets knocked out and can't help you. You and Liara are left to face him.

You start out by a barrier. Use it for cover. Take out your heavy weapon, like the Collector Particle Beam. This is the best place to use it because you will have trouble shooting him later because of an arm shield. One thing about the rocket launcher. I've used an assault rifle first then towards the end I used the rocket launcher. You can use it later when the Broker brings up the arm shield. There's enough splash damage to hurt him. You can use Liara's powers. However, they don't work the usual way, i.e. Stasis won't drop the Shadow Broker but they will weaken him. Unload your heavy weapon on him. Once you bring down his shields and armor, a cutscene tells you that his barriers make him invulnerable to weapons. You are forced to rush him and melee attack him. You are treated to a sweet mano e mano fist fight.

After the cutscene, you start out again behind the barrier. By the way if the Broker gets too close he will crush your cover and you with a melee attack. This time the Broker has a hand shield making it hard to hit him Take out your assault rifle or other rapid fire weapon that you can aim. There will be open areas to hit the Broker. Now, here's where Liara's power will help. Use Singularity, it works the best. That seems to freeze him. At times he may double over exposing his back. Unload your ammo on him. He again freezes. You are prompted to rush him and use a melee attack. Anther cool cutscene. Liara then tells you to get him to raise his shield again. She sees his power source.

The battle starts up again. Take cover. Same strategy. Take out his shields and armor. Remember, you can use the rocket launcher. The splash damage will hurt him even if you get part of his arm shield. You're prompted to melee attack him. Do it. Another cutscene follows. It shows Liara destroying the Broker's power source with her biotics. You've defeated the Shadow Broker.

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