Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joey Votto, MVP

The Cincinnati Reds first baseman, Joey Votto, was named NL MVP. St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols was second. Here's the story. Look Votto and Pujols numbers are comparable. But Votto leads him in one big category that I believe determines whether you can perform in the clutch. It's hitting with runners in scoring position. If you drive in runs with runners in scoring position, you are a clutch hitter. For 2010 with runners in scoring position, Pujols batted .343. Votto batted .369 with runners in scoring position, more than twenty points higher. Case closed. Below is video of Votto's walkoff home run filmed by sports talk show host Lance McAlister of 1530 Homer. The boy to the right is his son, Casey. Listen to the chants of MVP. Ah, you Reds fans had it right. (Here's the official video and story. Watch early and often, because I don't know when MLB will take it down.) Congratulations, Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds.

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