Sunday, November 14, 2010

Depleted Colts Beat Bengals

Here's the challenge. In one sentence, describe today's most recent loss by the Cincinnati Bengals at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts. (23-17) Here it is. The Bengals used five turnovers to lose to the Colts. There, I did it. Okay what about the game? The Bengals had an interception for a pick six and a fumble. All in the first quarter. Those two turnovers in the first quarter gave the Colts fourteen points. (Okay, the fumble led to a Colts touchdown in the second quarter.) Game Over. You don't' spot Peyton Manning and the Colts fourteen points.

The Bad? Five turnovers. Cedric Benson and Jermaine Gresham fumbled the ball. Terrell Owens again played a disinterested game. CBS color man Dan Dierdorf pointed out that TO cut short a route that led to a pick. And during the last minute, Dierdorf kept yelling at TO to get back to the line of scrimmage after an incompletion. You see he was lackadaisical at getting back to the line, eating valuable time. That's what you can expect from TO and that's probably why nobody wanted him. The Colts went into this game, depleted from injuries. They still found a way to beat the woeful Bengals.

The good? Except for the last minute, the line passed blocked well. QB Carson Palmer had tight spirals on his throws. I know, so what? The defense was not bad either. Sigh.

So how does a Bengals fan get over this? You've got to assume that the Bengals are not going to win. Once you accept that, you can get over Bengals losses.

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