Friday, July 31, 2009

Walt Jocketty's Folly?

For some reason, the Reds must think they are still in it. Because today they traded two power arms in Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart along with Edwin Encarnacion for Scott Rolen. If baseball is about pitching this could be an error, especially when you are a small payroll team and depend on developing from within. Make no mistake, Scott Rolen is a quality player. He's a five time All Star. But he has endured two shoulder surgeries. He is 34. Like our old friend and GM Jim Bowden, it seems that Walt Jocketty has his favorites since he traded for him when he was GM for St. Louis. The upside? Rolen is obviously a better third baseman than Encarnacion. He is a lifetime .284 batting average. Currently he's batting .320. He will provide leadership to a young team. The question is whether he can stay on the field for the next three to four years.

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