Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Resilient Reds Win

It certainly looked after Monday's slaughter by the Phillies that the Reds' season might be over. But baseball is played one day at a time. The Reds won last night against the world champs in a manner they have done all year. Resiliency. Guts.

It certainly didn't look that way in the third when the Phillies already ahead by three runs loaded the bases with one out. But Aaron Harang beared down and struck out Jayson Werth. He then got then got Greg Dobbs to pop out. Here's the story from MLB.

Like yesterday's loss, this game could be a turning point. If the Reds do well on this road trip and make the playoffs, this game will be pivotal. As it shows the Reds can withstand the valleys of the season.

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