Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New "Lost" video

To wet your apetite for "Lost", ABC on the official website has posted the first of five parts of a faux documentary on the Dharma Initiative, the mysterious organization that was running the island before our heroes crashed on it. This fake documentary is reminiscent of Leonard Nimoy's "In Search Of." It's called "Mysteries of the Universe" and is about the paranormal. In this episode the tease is that the Dharma Initiative is a secret society like the Masons. Here's part one, the teaser.

Remember the Dharma Institute's goals on the island were to study meteorolgy, psychology, parasychology, zoology, electromagnetism, and some type of utopian social study. (Check out the Wikipedia article on Dharma.) Maybe that explains polar bears, and the smoke monster. Maybe it doesn't. Here's the first orientation video that the television audience was exposed to. It's from the second season episode called, "Orientation."

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