Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Those Crazy Birthers, Part Tweny Five

Another thing about Donald Trump questioning President Obama's citizenship, is that he raises the promotional material by a literary agency that says Obama was born in Kenya. He says Obama told the agent that. Not true. Here's the actual agent's statement about the material. She says it was here mistake. It was a factual mistake.
Miriam Goderich was that agent. Here's her statement.

"This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me--an agency assistant at the time," Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. "There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more."

Here's Chris Matthews piece on Trump from his Hardball show.

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