Monday, May 14, 2018

Trump's arrogance has killed people

You knew this would happen. There's a reason why past Republican and Democratic presidential administrations refrained from moving the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Such a provocative move would inflame Muslims who have a holy site in the city. It would lead to protest and likely deaths from those protests. At this moment because of conservative President Trump's thoughtless and rash action to move the embassy, there have been 43 deaths, coming from the Gaza Strip. CNN. I say to those who thought this would not happen, you have now been proven wrong. Additionally, neither conservative President Trump or Vice President Pence had the courage to attend the opening ceremonies.

And to my Jewish friends who think Trump is your friend. He's doing this to please his fundamentalist Christian supporters. You see they believe this will lead to the second coming of Jesus Christ. The conversion of Jews to Christianity. Wars in which people many of them Jewish will die. This group of conservative Republicans are not your friends. (Diana Butler Bass for CNN.) And to make matters worse, Trump got fundamentalist Christian preacher Robert Jeffress to deliver the prayer opening the embassy. According to conservative Republican Mitt Romney, Jeffress believes that Jews can't be saved and Mormons and Muslims are a heresy from the pit of hell.

Trump's arrogance and ignorance are a threat to people of America and the world. It reminds me of that line from The Hunt for Red October. (1990) In the movie, a junior Russian officer berates his captain for a rash decision that leads to negative consequences. "You arrogant ass. You've killed us." Warning. the clip from the film below contains spoilers.

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