Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Conservative Trump sells out America to China

On Sunday, Republican President Trump tweeted that he was working with China's president to find a way for the Chinese telecommunications company ZTE to "get back into business, fast." He bemoaned that "Too many jobs in China lost." The conservative Trump then ordered the Commerce Department "to get it done." Now if you didn't know, ZTE has been sanctioned for doing business with Iran and North Korea. Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio also noted that there are also concerns that ZTE made devices could be used to spy on Americans. Business Insider.

But why is Trump trying to make China great again? If you've watched his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump attacked China by stating that they had been economically raping America. Well, here it is. Only seventy hours before Trump's Tweet, China loaned MNC Lido City a whooping 500 million dollars to build a theme park in Indonesia. Here's the quid pro quo. The Trump Organization, controlled by Trump, has licensing fees for the park to use its name. That alone will earn 3.7 million dollars. Then Trump could earn more in management fees. Vanity Fair article. Bush Ethics Counsel Richard Painter also notes that Trump is in violation of The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution which prohibits foreign payments to the President of the United States. Id.

My fellow Americans, it gets worse. This week China is making trade demands on the United States. The Washington Post notes some of them are outrageous. (See CNN video below.) Will conservative Republican Trump cave and sell out America for his personal interest? If you're concerned, remember this. Vote liberal Democrat if you want to live.

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