Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stephen Colbert skewers Rachel Maddow

I like Rachel Maddow and her show on MSNBC. But she has a shtick where she takes forever to get to the point of her opening segment. Well last night Stephen Colbert skewered her with a parody of her show and particularly her Tuesday show where she made a big deal out of getting two pages of President Donald Trump's 2005 tax return Memo to Rachel. The Donald is a master at getting back at people. Just ask Sen. Ted Cruz. As your guest David Cay Johnston pointed out, Trump may have leaked that crumb of a tax return himself. It was irrelevant and made him look good. Try to be, how do I say this, more diabolical when analyzing The Donald. You got played.

But I digress. Stephen Colbert had fun parodying Maddow's style and showed he could be "fair and balanced." Enjoy Maddow fans. Laugh at yourself a little.

Last night's Colbert monologue.

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