Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hey Lying Donald Trump: When does the winning start?

Last Friday, Trumpcare, the conservative Republican healthcare plan went down to defeat in the House of Representatives or let me put it this way. Conservative Republicans pulled the bill rather than vote on it since they didn't have the votes. Wow, they control the House and didn't have the guts to even vote on it. Of course, it would help if conservative Republicans would believe that government can help to make healthcare affordable.

Remember when Lying Donald Trump told America as President that we would win so much and get sick of it? Let's go over the scorecard, now that Trump is president. He's just lost at repealing Obamacare. Lied to America that Trumpcare would cover all of America. In reality according to the CBO, Trumpcare would cover 52 million less people by 2026. You, President Trump, have lost with your Muslim ban. Courts have struck it down. Twice. These were two of the biggest policy goals in your campaign. Hey, Lying Donald Trump, when does the winning start?

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