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Grand Theft Auto V: Base Invaders made easy

Having trouble with the Grand Theft Auto V online mission, Base Invaders? Here are some tips that will turn this tough mission into one that you'll repeat over and over. Hey, you get $18,750 dollars for between five and ten minutes of work when the mission is set on hard. I'm going to make this bold statement. You should play Base Invaders solo.

The Basics.

The mission Base Invaders requires you to break into Fort Zancudo miltary base, destroy three Lazer jets and steal a Cargobob helicopter. The Cargobob is in a large hanger with an open door. But you have to get in Ron's airplane at Sandy Shores Airport as a requirement to highlight the Lazers. If you are spotted in the base, you will be attacked by infinite amounts of soldiers. Many of them wielding machine guns. Oh, there's also tanks that will spawn if you linger too long. Yikes.

Here are some important tips. One. You do not have to take Ron's airplane to Fort Zancudo. If it gets destroyed, the mission ends in failure. Two. You don't even have to hop into his plane at first. You can do that after you actually have stolen the Cargobob and flown it back to Sandy Shores Airport.

Here are three ways of doing this mission efficiently. Note that the last two are the fastest but are riskier. The beauty of Base Invaders is that it starts and ends at Sandy Shores airport so you can repeat the mission quickly via the pause menu. That means once you finish the mission, you can start it at the same place.

1. Stealth.

This method is mostly stealth but is the safest way. Okay, drive your car north of Sandy Shores airport, past the railroad tracks. Stop. Call for a Buzzard Chopper or if you don't have one, any owned chopper will do. Go back to Sandy Shores where the chopper spawns. Get in. Fly to Fort Zancudo. Fly to the west part of the base. There's a Lazer on this far side of the runway. Land by it. Get out and put a sticky bomb on it. Do not detonate yet.

Now fly to the grassy area in front of the hanger which houses the Cargobob. This is important. Do not fly north of the grassy area or step on the tarmac in front of the hanger. We will move in that direction but not yet. Land on the grassy area. Take out your heavy sniper. There are three soldiers on the second floor overlooking the Cargobob. One is directly behind it. Two are to your left if you're looking at the hanger from the south. One is standing near a coiled hose, which looks like a big wheel. The other is more towards the hanger entrance. To get him you may have to move east on the grass. Anyway snipe them with one shot each. With the heavy sniper, you don't need head shots.

Now get in your chopper and fly into hanger. Once you're there, the jig will be up. Soldiers start to charge into the hanger. But relax. The three soldiers who would have dealt you the major damage are dead. Get in the Cargobob and carefully fly it out of the hanger. Fly it to the hanger just east and land on the roof. Get out. Detonate the sticky bomb on the first Lazer. Now carefully move to the edge of the hanger. Look right, there's a Lazer. Take out your RPG and destroy it. Go to your left. There's the last Lazer. Same thing. Now get back into the Cargobob.

Take off from the roof and fly directly east at first to avoid the troops that are in front of the hanger. Fly back to Sandy Shores. Land on the helipad with the Cargobob on the horizontal bar of the "H". Get in Ron's plane and get out. Get in the Cargobob. The program will note that you've successfully delivered the Cargobob. Mission passed.

2. Fly a Buzzard into the hanger.

This method is similar to the stealth way but without the sniping. Hence, it's faster by about one to two minutes. Let me thank my friend iBlizzzy aka Brian for inspiring this one since he does it basically the same way. I've just tweaked it as to the location of where to destroy the Lazers.

This way starts out the same way as the stealth method. This time you should use a Buzzard Attack helicopter and make sure you are wearing body armor. Carry extra if you need to. Fly over to the fort. Fly to the Lazer further west. You'll easily get a lock on it since there's no troops around it. Destroy it with your rockets. Now fly over to the hanger with the Cargobob. If you get a lock on the second Lazer in front of the hanger, take the shot. But don't waste time. Fly into the hanger and this is important. Fly to the right of the Cargobob or east of the Cargobob.

Get out and climb into the Cargobob. We're not worried about the three soldiers this time. Note that while you are flying into the hanger if you get a lock on the soldier behind the Cargobob, take the shot. The explosion you cause is above the chopper. Anyway any soldiers in the hanger will hit you and the Cargobob hard. Don't panic but fly the Cargobob out of there. Again, land on the roof of the hanger east of the Cargobob's hanger. Get out and destroy the remaining Lazers. Fly east and away from the soldiers to Sandy Shores Airport.

Land at the helipad. Get in Ron's plane. Get back in the Cargobob. Mission passed. While it's faster, it's much hairier. You and the Cargobob will take damage.

3. Drive by.

I learned about his from the following video by Granty. I do it slightly different than he does but it's basically the same. Note this method requires precision driving and accuracy at throwing sticky bombs from a moving car.

First, have a fast car that's armored. Speaking of armor, make sure you are wearing body armor. And take some extra just in case. Okay, get in and out of Ron's plane to highlight the Lazers. You don't have to do this first but it makes the mission easier. Get in your car. Now mark a waypoint. I usually set it at the highway that runs under Fort Zancudo but you're going to have to set it close to that tunnel that runs under the base. Unlike Granty, I want to drive the main road that runs parallel to the river that flows south of the base. If you come too far from the north, you'll have to drive those slippery roads which may lead to needless accidents.

Most of you know of the jump that lies next to the north tunnel entrance. If you hit it right, your car will fly over the fence and land at the far end of the runway or one of the further west parts of the base. No sneaking around here. Drive over to the first Lazaer which is the further west and hit it with a sticky bomb. Detonate. Go east. Hit the second Lazar. Then drive and hit the last Lazer.

Drive into the hanger with Cargobob. Stay to the right or east of the chopper. Get in the Cargobob and fly out of there. You will get hit and hit a lot. Don't panic. Careful with the Cargobob but quickly fly it out of the hanger. Get altitude and fly it back to Sandy Shores airport. Mission passed.

A couple of things about the drive by method. This way can be the fastest path to completion. But it requires precision and fast driving. I die more times doing it this way then any other. You will get shot and hit. That's why I recommend a sports car with armor. The Zentorno is a good choice since you can't be shot from the rear in it.

Granty demonstrates the drive by method.

4. Conclusion.

Look, if you are a great driver then the drive by method may be for you. But it's only slightly faster than flying a Buzzard into the hanger. The safest way is to use the stealth method. Now note all three ways are done more easily solo. That's because if you play with randoms they can screw things up by alerting the troops too early. Plus you don't have to worry about the safety of a teammate.

With the increased difficulty of the mission Rooftop Rumble, GTA V players need to look at other ways to make fast money. The mission Base Invaders when done in one of the three methods above is one of the missions to earn money easily.

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