Monday, July 14, 2014

Fox News' Bob Beckel is no liberal

If you watch Fox News' The Five, Bob Beckel is supposed to be the liberal on the pundit panel. Well, he's liberal according to Fox News. You see Bob got in trouble lately describing Chinese people as "Chinamen." This is not his first time he's made racially tinged remarks. The Huffington Post has compiled some of his other incendiary comments. In fact, in the hilarious Daily Show piece, you can hear Beckel use the term "Chinamen" before the recent controversy. Got to love Jon Stewart's comment on Beckel's alleged liberalism. "Slow down Chomsky." Video below.

As a person of the Chinese race, am I offended by the term "Chinamen?" Yes and no. It's not as racially demeaning as "chink." But it's not neutral either. The word comes from another time when out in the west, Chinese workers were called "Chinamen." It wasn't meant as a term of endearment by the white people who used it. It was meant as negative term. One that indicated those "yellow" people aren't white or Americans. So, it's not as bad as "chink" but it's still not one word that I want to hear being used around me.

But another question is raised by Beckel. Is he the definition of a liberal according to Fox News? Because if he is, then it's an attempt to cast liberals in a bad light. Let me put it this way. I think we can all agree that liberals are the least likely to be the racists of the political spectrum. I mean liberalism sparked the civil rights movement. I an a liberal and know them. They don't talk the way Beckel does. Hence, he's not a liberal.

Here's The Daily Show's riotous video on The Five.

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