Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reds win a big one over Washington

The Cincinnati Reds were reeling after dropping two straight to the Philadelphia Phillies. Last night, the Cincinnati Reds endured and beat the Washington Nationals, 4-3 in extra innings. Those extra innings numbered six. Here's the story from MLB. It was an important win because it stopped the bleeding. The Reds climbed back to within three games of .500.

But why was this game big? The Reds didn't quit. They don't have their big bats in Joey Votto or Jay Bruce due to injuries. In the thirteenth and fourteenth innings, the Nationals came within a glove's length of winning the game. First, Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips made a diving catch to end the inning. Then in the fourteenth, Reds centerfielder Billy Hamilton made another diving catch to end that inning. Both would have scored winning runs. Finally, in the fifteenth, Reds third baseman Todd Frazier hit a two run home run to give the Reds the winning edge. They endure and win, 4-3. The Reds move to within six games of division leading Milwaukee Brewers. Season isn't over yet. Here's Lance McAlister's blog post with video of the two catches and the home run.

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