Sunday, May 11, 2014

Neighbors review

I've said this many times. Comedy is a subjective thing. What makes one person laugh may not make me laugh. I find Stephen Colbert to be hilarious but usually don't find The Three Stooges to be funny. So one may come up with different views on the movie Neighbors as to whether it's funny.

In Neighbors, we meet married couple Mac Radner (Seth Rogen) and his wife, Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) as a couple who have a house and a new baby girl. Their marital bliss is broken up by the new neighbors who happen to be a college fraternity Delta Psi. It's run by Teddy Sanders. (Zac Efron) The Radners make an agreement with the fraternity to not call the police if they party too loud. But one night, the fraternity brothers party loud and hard. After trying to call the Teddy to keep the noise down with no avail, Mac calls the police. That starts a war between the neighbors with the Radners trying to find a way to drive the fraternity out of their house.

Look Seth Rogen was born to play comedy. He's chubby, and goofy. He's willing to humiliate himself for the camera. And for the most part, he's kind of funny. Rose Byrne is also a good sport as she is also willing to make fun of herself. Ditto for Zac Efron. The "bromance" borders on gayness between him and his best frat friend, Pete. (Dave Franco)

But when it comes to frat comedies, one has to compete with Animal House (1976) and Revenge of the Nerds. (1984) And while Neighbors has its moments, it struggles to compete with the bawdiness of those two. The problem with this movie is the baby. She's cute and it becomes hard to make some really crazy stuff around her. The humor of this movie is more suburban than college kid craziness.

Neighbors is a funny movie but not a hilarious one. Somebody might laugh harder but this one won't make my all time comedy list. The grade is B.

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