Saturday, December 28, 2013

A & E defends biogotry

Yesterday's news from A & E would prompt a sarcastic Gomer Pyle to say, " Surprise, surprise, surprise." The cable network has quickly removed the suspension of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. The network announced the news yesterday on a Friday afternoon. Hmmm. I wonder why they did it yesterday. Could it be it would get buried in the slow news cycle? Is the Pope Catholic?

If you recall, Robertson likened homosexuality to bestiality and said blacks were happier before the Civil Rights movement. Two comments that were ignorant, and prejudicial. The comment about African Americans was particularly racist. As it yearns for a South when blacks were openly discriminated against and treated as second class citizens.

A & E by officially bringing back Robertson has made a statement. TV ratings matter more than racial tolerance. By bringing him back, the network has now given a forum for hatred. Young Americans will see that a racist can be successful. There will be no moral consequence for hatred. What next? The KKK Hour on A & E because it brings TV ratings?

I believe in free speech. Robertson has spoken. Now, it's time for you to speak. I've already said I will boycott the show and the network. I ask if you believe in tolerance, should you be supporting Duck Dynasty and giving a reward for hatred?

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