Monday, September 23, 2013

The World's End Review

Make a movie about a middle age guy trying to recapture his youth, add booze and for good measure put in robots. You've got a movie made for my tribe which is the middle age man who drinks and is a geek that likes science fiction. The World's End is that movie.

At the beginning of The World's End we meet Gary King, an English teenager who leads a pack of school chums, Andy, Steve, Oliver and Peter. Like many kids about ready to enter their adulthood they like to drink. They attempt to make a legendary pub crawl of twelve bars in their small hometown of Newton Haven but fail. Flash forward about twenty years. Andy (Nick Frost), Steve (Paddy Considine), Oliver (Martin Freeman) and Peter (Eddie Marsan) are all middle age and responsible adults. Gary (Simon Pegg) on the other hand is the opposite. He's an alcoholic and has an aimless existence. He decides to get the band back together so they can finish the pub crawl with the last bar to have a drink at called The World's End. After they make their way through the first bars, Gary gets in fight with a teenager. He beheads him only to find out that the kid is a robot. They later find out that the village is full of them. The band is confronted with a choice. Finish the pub crawl or flee.

The World's End was written by director Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. The jokes they wrote work because they feel like the characters would actually say them. Wright makes sure that you can hear the dialogue as conversations are not rushed. Unlike this year's This is the End, another apocalyptic comedy, The World's End has heart and is not ugly like that sarcastic Hollywood movie. My only problem with the movie is the abrupt change in plot, once Gary discovers there are robots in the town. As Oliver would say, "WTF." Thankfully, I knew about this surprise and anyone who knew anything about the movie knew that was coming.

The World's End is a funny and heartwarming black comedy. I laughed out loud many times. The grade is B Plus.

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