Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where is the outrage over Sigourney Weaver's underwear?

If you read any comments on a Star Trek website, you'll find radical feminists and the PC (politically correctness) crowd with their panties in a bunch over the underwear scene involving actress Alice Eve in the recent release Star Trek Into Darkness. And thanks to co-screenplay writer Damon Lindelof who apologized for the scene, this ridiculous controversy won't end. Thanks Damon. And by the way, Season Six to Lost sucked. And you better answer the big questions left open in Prometheus. (2012) But I digress.

Star Trek Into Sigourney Weaver's Underwear.

All the radical anger over Alice Eve's underwear had me thinking of another famous underwear scene in a science fiction movie. It comes from Alien. (1979) At the end of the movie, heroine and lone survivor Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), strips down to her underwear to prepare for stasis. (Pictured.) There are scenes  which are  titillating featuring Ripley bending over displaying her butt crack, from the front where she is activating controls and another where she gets into a spacesuit pushing her lovely form into a spacesuit.

First, let me say that I'm a big fan of Alien.  I was an adult when the film came out. I had a picture of Ripley in her Nostromo (the ship from the movie) uniform hanging in my dorm room as an undergraduate. To me, Ripley is a strong, intelligent woman and she's also beautiful.

However, I don't recall the type of outrage that is polluting the Internet on  Alice Eve's underwear  over Sigourney Weaver's underwear shots.     Is it because Ripley is considered by feminists and radical feminists as a feminist hero? I thinks so. Bringing up Ripley's underwear would diminish her hero status.

But is Ripley's underwear totally gratuitous? No. Like the franchise Star Trek, one of the themes in Alien is human sexuality. The Nostromo's computer is called mother, which the crew can access in a womb like room. One scene cut from the movie has a semi-nude crew waking from stasis. (See I09 article with photos and images, "Unused storyboards show how Alien could have been more pornographic." No link, I got teenagers reading this site.) Artist H.R. Giger who did much of the alien designs is known for his use of sex in his artwork. And it shows. The astronauts climb into the alien ship through what can only be described as a vagina. The alien eggs look to be in an area that seems to be a womb. And I won't go over the phallic symbols since this is PG-13 website. So, Ripley's display of sexuality is well within the themes of Alien.

I think the radical feminists and the PC police's outrage over Alice Eve's underwear and not over Sigourney Weaver's underwear is typical for the hypocrisy they engage in. This crusade against naughty pictures only applies to pictures of women. They don't scream about male nudity in film. Where was the outrage over Magic Mike? (2012)


Mitchell said...

Quit while you're ahead. You've over reached here. Riply was originally to be completely naked. but Ridly Scott and the studio under feminist and catholic league pressure altered the scene in agreement it was too far.

and comparing this to into darkness buffoonery is laughable. Alien is a legendary classic on every level and everything sexual is critical to furthering the plot, not gratuitous. Especially Riply's final victory having believed she was safe, preparing for cryo sleep.

while what was the purpose of having eve shed clothes with creepy kirk turning to peak??? EXACTLY.

further more you are truly trolling on why the outrage wasn't greater in the 1970's compared to today's global internet and blog culture?

Don't become as embarrassingly obsessed as the feminist's.

Bernie Wong said...


I'm not trolling but stating an opinion. If radical feminists don't like it, tough. I believe in free speech. And when they get silly, I'll point that out to them. Yes, I'm fighting radical feminists and I'm a liberal who believes in many of the feminists' issues. But I will never let radicals try to tell us how to think.

By the way, back to sex themes of Alien, there was a proposed sex scene between Ripley and Ash.

Bernie Wong said...

Let me correct the above comment. The proposed sex scene in Alien was between Dallas and Ripley.

Unknown said...

What outrage there wasn't a internet like we know now for people to say anything.