Monday, November 19, 2012

Susan Lucci makes an appearance on the Colbert Report

You knew Stephen Colbert would do a piece on the General Petraeus Affair. Well, he got soap opera star Susan Lucci to do guest spot. Check out the funny video below.


Anonymous said...

I've read this blog now for over a year and I've always wondered something: what's your take on life? I don't mean that to be patronizing, but rather sincere and honest. What do you make of what we do every day? You seem to entrance yourself in the finer things (jazz, culture, history) yet you also enjoy the rugged edges of life (the pubs, the politics, etc.). So what makes you go through all of that? I sincerely wonder.

Bernie Wong said...

Thank you for reading this blog. As for your question about my philosophy about life, I'd rather not go over that because to me it seems self-aggrandizing. You see if I were to go over that, I would have to go over my life choices which could sound like I'm promoting my virtues. But if you read my opinions about politics, you'll get an idea how I fee about the world. No doubt it's liberal. You might get other ideas from the way I view films.