Monday, November 19, 2012

Jon Stewart skewers Bill O'Reilly

Leave it to Bill O'Reilly of Fox News to bemoan President Obama's victory coalition of women, African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics as the end of "traditional America" as reflected by the fifties sitcom "Leave It To Beaver." I'm not kidding. "Leave It To Beaver" was a show about a family, a lily white family. Yeah, O'Reilly could have used the Cosbys but he didn't. So, you get what he is crying about. It's about the loss of the domination of whites.

Anyway, thank goodness for Jon Stewart and the Daily Show to do a cogent piece on O'Reilly's fears. Stewart likes O'Reilly and won't call him out but I will. Bill O'Reilly, you are a racist. Here's Stewart's video.

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