Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Scanning Solar Systems Tips

Mass Effect 3 has replaced the dreadful mining from Mass Effect 2 with a scanning pulse from the Normandy. When you pick up something, EDI will tell you that you found something. They will be either raw materials, assets, or fuel. The rub is that sending out a pulse alerts the Reapers. It takes about three pulses before the Reapers enter the system and will destroy your ship. You can tell when they are about to arrive by the red alert bar on the left. If it fills up, here they come. Here are some tips to help you avoid the Reapers and make this a snap.

1. Orbit the planet with assets if Reapers are in the system. Say Reapers are already in the system and are chasing you. Make a beeline to the planet with the assets and orbit it. You can scan the planet and get the assets without being killed. Now, here's where you need to be careful. Once you break orbit, the Reapers will chase you. Fly like a bat out of hell to the green line which exits you out of the system and to safety. This also works with orbiting wreckage.

2. Save game and make a trial run with sensors. This is the best way to avoid Reapers in a solar system with assets. Save your game before you are to enter a solar system. Enter the system and scan away. Eventually the Reapers appear. Keep pinging away. Find the assets while avoiding the Reapers. Remember the location of where the assets are located in the system. Exit the system. Now reload the saved game. Maximize the sensor range and scan the areas where the assets were found in the trial run. It may take you two pings and the Reapers won't enter the system due to your economical use of the sensor. Easy.

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