Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conservatives take on Clint Eastwood

Wow. Conservatives are upset over an ad from Chrysler aired during the Super Bowl about the difficult times that the American auto industry has had. The ad which is narrated by director-actor Clint Eastwood has images of everyday Americans. Eastwood talks about the tough times and reminds the audience that figurative first half is over, i.e. tough times are done, and the second half is coming. He talks about the will of the American people to be resillient. It's optimistic with literal images of the road ahead.

But conservatives see the ad as one supporting the auto industry bailouts. Karl Rove says he was offended by the ad. What the f... ? It's an optimistic message about resolve of the American people. Heck, you could use the ad for the Republican presidential nominee. Yeah, I know it sounds like it's a pro-Obama ad because it suggests the bailouts saved the American auto industry. Hey, wait a minute. They did. But conservatives forget, Clint Eastwood is a Republican. Here's my suggestion, you Republicans. Quit hoping for downturn in the economy and look forward to the second half.

The "controversial" ad

Ed Schultz on the ad

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