Saturday, October 29, 2011

Global Warming Is Real

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project has just confirmed that global warming is real. So you may say what's the big deal? It was done by a global warming skeptic, Richard Muller and sponsored by conservative billionaires, the Koch brothers. Can we end the debate on global warming or climate change? Conservatives have long doubted the existence of global warming. Much of their hatred was aimed at former Vice President Al Gore who won an Oscar for his documentary on the subject, "An Inconvenient Truth." Oh, he also won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on warning the public.

So can you conservative Republicans finally agree to save the planet? It doesn't look like it. What can I say when the most "moderate" of the Republican presidential candidates flip flops on whether global warming exists. Why does he do this? Because there's still a bunch of right-wing yahoos who deny global warming exists. He is trying to appeal to the base of the Republican Party. Hardball piece below. And check out Jon Stewart's piece from the Daily Show on climategate and the new scientific results.

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