Sunday, October 9, 2011

Addendum to "The Ides of March" Review

A couple of things that I didn't initially put in my review of "The Ides of March." A lot of it was filmed in my hometown of Cincinnati. That makes a whole lot of sense. The movie takes place during an Ohio presidential primary. And George Clooney is from northern Kentucky.

But if you read Cincinnati Enquirer's TV critic John Kiesewetter's review, you will come away with a couple of things. One, he really should stick to TV since he really doesn't describe a whole lot of what makes a film work. Second, he's too much of a homer to experience the movie. He's distracted by the familiar trappings of the town. I mean, I did notice the Cincinnati landmarks. There's Paul Brown Stadium. Quiet in the movie. Quiet during Bengals games. That's the Roebling Bridge. Hey, that's the alley where I buy my marijuana. I keeed. I keeed. But the landmarks did little to take my attention from the human emotions about to overwhelm an idealistic candidate.

Second, Evan Rachel Wood is an excellent actress. See The Wrestler. (2008) She's also beautiful and sexy. She also used to date Marilyn Manson. (Pictured above.) Yeah, I'm talking about the heavy metal rocker who takes his stage name from Marilyn Monroe and mass murderer Charles Manson. According to Wikipedia, Manson allegedly bought a child's skeleton and masks of human skin. I ask this question, "What is her attraction to this guy?" Human scarecrow to frighten children away from the house duing Halloween? Is it free eyeliner? Does she like his color of lipstick?

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