Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hines Ward Gets Comeuppance

The dirtiest player in the NFL, Hines Ward, got his comeuppance. At Sunday's game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward got flattened by Jarret Johnson. In a game in 2008, between the Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals, Wards was the jerk who broke a defenseless Keith Rivers jaw.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! What you don't realize posting is that SOMEONE ELSE'S team had to do it, your own team couldn't! And you can post a thousand of these, loser, it won't change the fact that Ward and the Steelers just plain OWN your Cincy Convicts. Oh well, keep up the bitterness and keep on entertaining us all!

Anonymous said...

I agree, he might as well have titled this "my own team wasn't man enough to do it so here I am showing you highlights of someone else's guys" -- no wonder the dude posts from the basement (no doubt still in his parents' house).

Bernie Wong said...

Wow, imagine two Steeler fans named Anonymous agreeing with each other on the same day and nine minutes apart on this little blog. Can you say "sock puppet?"

Anyway, Anonymous, you don't defend Hines Ward, one of the dirtiest players in the NFL or his hit on Keith Rivers. Instead you engage in an ad hominem attack on me. Hey, at least I have the guts to write with a real name instead of hiding anonymously.

It doesn't matter if the Steelers beat the Bengals or win the Super Bowl for the next five years. It doesn't give the Steelers any class. And frankly I don't care who hits Hines Ward, as long as he's brought to justice.