Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tips for Halo 3 Legendary

When I decided to try to get the campaign scoring achievements in Halo 3, I found out that I had to turn on skulls to increase the point values. This made the game harder as some enemies were stronger. Then I decided if I can take on tougher enemies why not go for the Legendary achievement, i.e. complete Halo 3 on Legendary. This post is my life on Legendary and some quick tips on how to complete the game at its hardest level.

The first thing, you'll notice playing on Legendary is the rate of fire by enemies. It's ridiculous. The second thing you'll notice is that enemies are harder to kill either due to more health or upgraded shielding. The third thing is that enemies are very accurate. Their weapons are upgraded also. Jackals in sniper alley at Sierra 117 are now equipped with beam rifles. And one shot will kill you. Finally, at different missions, you'll face more bosses, such as Chieftains than you did at playing the game on the normal level.

But can an average player beat Halo 3 on Legendary? Yes. But I do not recommend you play the game first on this insane level. Why? Playing it on normal will get you used to the lay of the land so you can bring certain weapons or vehicles to a checkpoint. I am an average player, and I beat Halo 3 on Legendary. Here are some tips.

1. Fools Rush In- The majority of the time you should not rush into battle. The rate of fire will kill you within seconds. Take cover. Try to lure the bad guys to you. Yes, there will be times you have to move out of cover or even charge an enemy but it's rare.

2. Patience- First, after clearing an area, move slowly so you are given a checkpoint save. Why? You will die a lot. Once you know that, you'll be able to "enjoy" playing the game. Just remember, you will get through it.

3. Right weapon for the right job- Head shots are important. And since you're going to try to kill you're enemies at a distance, the battle rifle or Covenant carbine are the standard weapon. Beam rifles are good against Brutes and the sniper rifle has a higher rate of fire. So reach out and snipe somebody.

Against the Flood, the Covenant Brute shot is invaluable. Why? The shot packs more punch than the carbine. If a Flood rushes you and they will, the blade end is a good melee weapon. Energy swords are important also. You will be able to kill most Flood with one swipe.

4. Head shots- You'll do more damage with head shots.

5. Take out Grunts first- You heard that right. Grunts lay down a vicious barrage of covering fire. Take these guys out first. Then concentrate on the Brute commander. Yes, this is the basically the opposite of playing the game on normal, but the small arms fire will kill you in a second.

Conclusion. Did I get any satisfaction from playing on Legendary? A little. I mean it's cool to see the Legendary and Heroic (you get it, if you haven't completed Heroic for getting through Legendary) achievements on record. But I must have gained five pounds sitting and playing the game for several hours. If you're obsessed with getting the achievement, you may enjoy Halo 3 at this insane level. One last thing. You won't get notice of the achievement until the credits run and the last scene after the credits runs. Spoiler. Speaking of the epilogue, you get an extended scene of Master Chief's wreckage heading into orbit around a planet. And at the beginning when the Arbiter talks about the Brutes picking up the squad's scent, Sergeant Johnson might make a joke about a cologne and then say he is making dough for the commercial placement. Anyway, video of the Legendary ending is below.

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