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Getting unstuck on Tsavo Highway while playing Halo 3, Legendary

Okay, you're playing Halo 3 on the Legendary difficulty. Maybe you've been told this but Mission 3, Tsavo Highway is the hardest on this setting. I mean it starts out pretty straight forward, then you cross the broken bridge and hit Rally Point Alpha. And you got stuck in the buildings by a Wraith and Brutes. Well let me help you with how to get out of it.

First, let's assume you've played the game on the normal difficulty. So before you start Mission 3 Tsavo Highway, you should look up different ways on how to complete it on Legendary. Here's some from Halo Wiki. I've also posted a video below where a player just drove through the whole level on Legendary!

Second, if you're going to use a Chopper in the Rally Point Alpha area, don't have your Marines armed with a Fuel Rod gun at the area before Alpha where the force field is. Why? Your Marines may destroy all the Choppers and you won't be able to drive one over. And yes, you can drive a Chopper over the broken bridge using the steel beams that allow you to cross on foot.

1. Getting Stuck at Rally Point Alpha.

If you've played this game on the normal difficulty and cross the broken bridge, you usually advance by foot to the buildings on your left. First, that's the high ground and it provides excellent cover for the oncoming onslaught. On Legendary difficulty, this creates a problem. Because once you've wiped out the first set of Brutes, a minimum of two Phantoms will deploy more Brutes with gold Brute Chieftains. You will see at least three Chieftains and two of them will have a Fuel Rod gun. The third will be armed with a Brute Shot. And to make matters worse, they'll have a Wraith. Remember, that on Legendary, enemies are more accurate, have more health and fire at a ludicrous rate.

2. Getting Unstuck at Rally Point Alpha.

If you're like me, you want to kill all enemies in an area. So I got stuck in the two buildings on the hill which usually contains a machine gun turret on normal. Ha. On Legendary, the sadists at Bungie have removed it. The first thing you should do is be patient. The Wraith will kill you in seconds if it has an open shot. Luckily for you, you have cover.

a. Find cover. The Wraith cannot kill you if you're behind the buildings. Look at he broken wall in front of the buildings. Now look to the right corner where the wall meets the hill. This far corner can protect you. But remember to be patient. If the Wraith knows you're around there, it will bombard the area for about four shots. Stay down while there. When it stops run to behind the buildings. Now if the Wraith sees you in the buildings, you'll will be killed so keep your cover behind the buildings.

b. Use the Battle Rifle. You will run out of sniper ammo quickly because its bullets don't have as much power as they do on lower settings. The battle rifle has a scope and this is important. There's a ton of ammo in the fallen locker in the left building. Remember take head shots.

c. Find good sniping points. The first one is by the left building, facing the Wraith. There's a point at the back of the building that will let you snipe Brutes on the path leading up to the buildings. Here you can snipe but when the Wraith locates you, move to the back for cover. Since the Wraith fires a rainbow type shot, you can hear it fire, allowing you to run. Of course, if you see it targeting you, then move to cover.

The second sniping point is the right hand corner where the broken wall meets the hill. The wall has openings that allow you to peek out and shoot Brutes. Now watch out since Brutes may come up the path and flank you.

The third sniping point is if the Brutes advance to the buildings, especially the Chieftain carrying the Fuel Rod gun. Okay, retreat to the back and behind the right building. The back corner on the right side is idea. Here, you can snipe a Chieftain through the buildings opening and use the corner for cover.

d. Keep moving. Don't let Brutes flank you. And don't let the Wraith have a clear shot. The operative word is run.

e. Goad the Brutes. You may have to goad the Brutes to expose themselves. I do it this way. I run towards the Wraith and throw a plasma grenade at a Chieftain. Now you might damage one but it causes the Brutes to move. I run to the back of the buildings and then move to the broken wall to the right corner. If successful, the Brutes will move up the path where I can shoot them.

f. Use the large pipes behind the Wraith. Okay, after you've wiped out all or most of the Brutes, you can leave the two buildings. Hopefully you've picked up a Fuel Rod gun left behind by the Chieftains. By the way, don't move until you've at least killed the Chieftains and most of their escorts. Now run to the building below and to the right. Keep in cover. Run to the crashed trucks to the right. Okay, you should be taking fire but if you keep moving and under cover, you'll be all right.

Now move to the large pipes behind the Wraith. Go into them. You're under cover. Now be patient. Kill any Brute survivors by popping in and out of cover. Now be careful because any flanking Brutes will kill you. If you're patient, the Wraith may expose its back to you. Run to the back; board it and destroy the Wraith.

With all the Brutes and the Wraith dead, you get the welcome sound of a Pelican. It drops a Warthog and troops for you to use in the next area. Of course, arm your Marine passenger with Fuel Rod guns so you'll be really packing for the fight ahead.

Tsavo Highway Legendary Speed Run. This guy completed it in less than five minutes!

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Russell said...

Great summary thanks. I too was stuck on this part. A couple of things I learnt from watching the guy over at

(1) You can use the fuel rod cannon to drop the phantoms whilst they are bringing in Brutes. This is helpful and incredibly satisfying!

(2) Hijacking the wraith rather than destroying it makes the rest of the level a complete breeze. Use the plasma pistol overcharge to stun/disable the wraith from the cover of the pipes (once everything else has been killed including the wraith gunner), then quickly run out and melee (don't plant grenade) the driver until he falls out. Don't continue to melee otherwise you will destroy the wraith and hence be unable to drive it.

(3) You can work back from the buildings (with the trip mines and br locker) to the top of bridge at the beginning of the area by following the wall on the right and running like hell. There is another sniper rifle there unless you used it earlier. You can stay up there and snipe the gunner on the wraith repeatedly and another Brute will hop in. If you get the Brute face it normally only takes one round instead of two which is the sort of marginal saving that helped me through this tough bottleneck.