Sunday, January 2, 2011

Why the Cincinnati Bengals Suck

Previously, I pointed out that the Cincinnati Bengals should follow the lead of the Indianapolis Colts. All I can say the reasons why the Bengals should change and be like the Colts are the same ones as to why they suck. So, what is causing the Bengals to stink?

1. Mike Brown- Owner Mike Brown is the defacto GM. And unfortunately he shows no movement to firing himself even though he's probably the worst general manager of a professional football team in the history of football. Let's name the disasters. Coach Dave Shula. QB Dave Klingler. QB Akili Smith. OT Andre Smith. WR Antonio Bryant. What about that record? According to Wikipedia, "Since Brown became owner, the team has had only 2 winning seasons out of 20 and have a winning percentage of .362 (115-203-1) in the regular season and .000 (0-2) in the playoffs."

WR Terrell Owens as he is known to do, threw the Bengals under the bus. He
said it starts from the top. And nobody complained. Why? TO is right.

2. Offensive Coordinator Bob Bratkowski- Ten seasons of the "genius." I remember watching a Bengals game and the TV color guys were predicting the Bengals offensive plays. Creativity does not describe Bratkowski. Let me put it this way. I saw a college bowl game and there were two flea flickers. When was the last time the Bengals ran something even close to a flea flicker?

3. Lack of Scouts- I generously count five Bengals scouts. How many do the Colts have? Ten. Extra eyes could have stopped the signing of WR Antonio Bryant who didn't play a down for the Bengals.

4. Conclusion- If the Bengals change the three things that makes the team suck, they would change their fortunes. That requires hiring a GM, firing Bob Bratkowski and hiring a new offensive coordinator. It requires hiring more scouts.

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