Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2001 or How I learned to stop worrying and love 3D films.

First, this is not a plea to convert Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. (1968) to 3D. But I was watching it on Blu-Ray with a HDTV. And by the way if you get the chance to do that, you should. It' looks amazing. Anyway I was again admiring how great the film was. The slow and methodical pacing that asks you to use your brain to keep you interested. I admire the intelligence of the film. And of course the visuals in which each shot is like a painting.

The visuals led me to this thought. What if Kubrick could have made 2001 in 3-D? Think about the shots from the movie you know. I'll go over a few of them. And you'll find that 2001 if it was shot in 3-D would be an even more mind blowing experience than it is now. Lets' reimagine some of these shots in 3D.

1. The plains of Africa.
2. The Monolith. Now imagine what Kubrick could do in 3D. He could have it pop out so you the audience could touch it.
3. The ape throwing the bone in the air. Kubrick could film it as it twists.
4. The lunar lander going to the moon.
5. Astronaut David Bowman jogging around the centrifuge.
6. Shots of the Discovery.
7. Shots of the space pod. At times the arms pop out towards you.
8. Bowman taking HAL offline and the memory cards sliding out.
9. The Monolith in space.
10. Bowman's journey and evolution into the Star Child. Think what Kubrick could do with today's special effects and 3-D images.

Maybe 3D film isn't all that bad. At least when it's shot in native 3D.

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