Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Show takes on Beck-Palin love fest, conservative Haitian critics

Yesterday's Daily Show took on the Glenn Beck-Sarah Palin interview in which Glenn Beck virtually expresses his love for Sarah Palin. Folks, you can't write stuff like the moment Glenn Beck reads from his personal journal his entry on getting the chance to interview Palin and almost has a sexual orgasm. Here's the clip.

Then host Jon Stewart takes on Rush Limbaugh's criticism of the President's Haitian relief effort as a political stunt to carry favor with the light skinned and dark skinned blacks. After his moronic comments about the liberal media trying to help Donavan McNabb because he's a black quarterback, can we now call Rush a racist? He then goes after Pat Robertson's crazy comment about the Haitians are cursed because they made a pack with the devil. Stewart also takes a shot at our beloved Rachel Maddow. Here's that clip.

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